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BK-1 Cam magnetic - driven level switch

The liquid level switch is reliable, does not contact with the process medium, is not affected by the process conditions, has high temperature resistance, explosion protection and shock protection, and can be widely used in various industrial occasions.

BK-1 cam magnetic - driven level switch(called level switch hereinafter) is used together with UHZ-517 series magnetic turn post level meter, it's installed on the indication panel of magnetic turn post level meter to control or alarm the liquid level in the vessel.When the liquid lever reaches the control or alarm position,the level switch movement issues onoff signals.The level switch works reliably and doesn't contact with process media ,won't be influenced by technics situation,it's featured with functions of high temperature resistance¡¢ antiexplosion and shockproof protection so that can be widely used in various industry occasions.

The level switch installed on the panel of magnetic turn post level meter and level meter are at the same magnetic coupling system. Floater in the main pipe of level meter moves from bottom to top with the changed level.When floater flows near the level switch,magnetic field generated by alnico in the floater repels magnetic field generated by alnico in the level switch to drive movement of switch through alnico in the level switch and the connected cam sway .Floater goes on rising and the switch maintains the state.When floater moves near the level switch from top to bottom, the magnetic repulsion promotes convertion of level switch and keeps it.Therefore,the switch features with bistable memory function.Special switch used in magnetic turn post level meter is the most practical and most reliable additional control or alarm device which has large contact capacity and can drive high-power equipment directly.
BK-1 level switch Switch type: Cam magnetic - driven
switch,SPDT,with shockproof protection function
Switch contact capacity:
Resistive load:
250V AC 16A
30V DC 10A
125V DC 0.6A
Inductive load: 250V AC 10A
30V DC 10A
125V DC 0.6A
Working temperature: -50~180℃
Electrical interface: Two M20*1.5 internal threads
Explosion-proof class: Flameproof ExdIIBT2 ~ T6
Intrinsically Safe ExdIIBT1 ~ T6
Protection class: IP65

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