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YTP diaphragm series pressure gauge

YTP diaphragm series pressure gauge

Protection level: IP64
Case diameter: ø100, ø150
Accuracy level: 1.6
Case material: 304SS, PVC
Bourdon tube: 304.316LSS
Meter connector: 304.316LSS
Shock-resistant type: silicone oil in the case
Hygienic: Case filled with medical glycerin
Oil-filled: body filled with silicone oil
Isolation diaphragm: 316LSS Hastelloy 276, Monel, Cu30Ni7, titanium, PTFE, tantalum
Special needs: Isolation of PTFE inside the body, PTFE spray on the surface of the diaphragm
Case: Epoxy resin sprayed on the case surface
Protection level: IP64
Sealing material: silicon, fluorine, rubber, PTFE
Surface glass: plexiglass, tempered, PC and double explosion-proof glass
Material: PVC
Temperature: -40 ℃ -70 ℃ Higher temperature can be special order

Compact flanged diaphragm body (code F2) 6MPa≤P≤2.5MPa (code  MF1)
P≤4MPa (code  MF) P≤4MPa (code  MG) P≤60MPa (code  ML)
P1~25MPa (code  MZ) Damper (ZN) 1Cr18Ni9 Radiator (SR) 1Cr18Ni9
Hose takeover (RL) 1Cr18Ni9
Angled tube (GL) 1Cr18Ni9   Rigid tube takeover (YL) 1Cr18Ni9

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