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UQK float level controller

UQK-01, 02, 03 explosion-proof floating ball liquid level controller is a two-position liquid level instrument.

UQK-01, 02, 03 explosion-proof floating ball liquid level controller is a two-position liquid level instrument. It is suitable for controlling the liquid level in a container that does not corrode copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials.When the liquid level reaches the high and low limit positions, the controller outputs a contact switch signal to realize the alarm of the liquid level or start and stop the electric pump. . Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding and other industries.
The floating ball controller is composed of a floating ball assembly and a conversion mechanism. When the measured liquid level changes, the floating ball moves up and down so that the magnetic steel at the end of the connecting rod moves in the opposite direction. When the two control points of the liquid level are reached, the repulsion of the same magnetic force makes the The magnetic steel is quickly repelled to the other side, so that the contacts 1 or 2-3 are turned on or off, and a switching signal is output for alarm or automatic control. There is no mechanical connection between the conversion mechanism and the floating ball and it is completely separated from the measured liquid, so that impurities in the medium will not hinder the movement of the conversion mechanism. Therefore, the movement is flexible and the work is reliable and the service life is long.
model UQK-01 UQK-02 UQK-03
Action limit 8mm (25-550)mm (8-1000)mm
Setting method Not adjustable Stepwise adjustable Stepless adjustable
Installation method Level Level vertical
Working pressure Normal ≤1.6Ma       High pressure≤4.0MPa
Explosion-proof grade ExdBT44
Operating temperature Normal≤100℃    high temperature≤350℃
voltage 220V    110V          24~240V
Electric shock capacity 1.5A    2.5A   2.5~0.5A
    Action limit Setting method Installation method Basic form
01 8mm Not adjustable Level
02 (25-550)mm Stepwise adjustable Level
03 (8-1000)mm Stepless adjustable vertical
  50 Flange diameterDN50  PN1.6Mpa Process connection
80 Flange diameterDN60  PN1.6Mpa
100 Flange diameterDN100  PN1.6Mpa
  O normal type Explosion proof
Q Intrinsic safety
B Flameproof
  S Standard type Operating temperature
M Medium temperature type
H High temperature type
  g/cm³ Working pressure
  Mpa Medium density
UQK-  口    口   口  口     口        口  
UQK-01 type UQK-03 type
UQK-02 type UQK-03diiBTtype
UQK-01 diiBTtype
UQK-02 diiBTtype

UQK type horizontal installation diagram UQK type vertical installation diagram


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