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UHC-51D Magnetical float ball level switch

UHC-51D Magnetic Float Level Switch
Measuring range: (300~6000)mm
Working temperature: (-30~120)℃
Working pressure: 0.6MPa、1.0MPa、1.6MPa、2.5MPa
Media density: ≥(0.5~2.0)g/cm3
  Note: density<0.8 DN100
Contact capacity: 220V AC/24V DC 0.5A
Joint life: 5×104times
Explosion-proof sign: Intrinsically Safe: ExiallCT6
Flameproof: Exdll6
Electrical interface: M20x1.5 internal thread
Process connection: Flange connection DN100
Flange standard: HG20593-20635-97
Note: If other flange standard or connection mode is required,
users should note it.
UHC-51D Stainless steel 304、316、316L Tha material
touching the liquid
Corrosion resistant type PP、PVC
    Q Intrinsic safety Explosion-proof type
B Flameproof enclosure
T With isolation safety barrier
  0~120)℃ Working temperature
  0.6MPa、1.0MPa、2.5MPa Working pressure
  g/cm3 Media density
  Unit mm Ordering length
  1 One float ball multipoint control Control points,
which can carry
memory function
2 Two float balls control
3 Three float balls control
4 Four float balls control
N N float balls control
  L1= mm Lower and lower limit、falling connection Note:According to control
points to indicate separately
the size of L1、L2、L3、
L4,and to indicate rising connection
or falling connection
L2= mmLower limit、falling
L3= m
mUpper limit、rising
L4= mmUpper and upper limit、
rising connection
    Flange specification
 UHC-52D                        口  口   口  口   口  口   口  口             口

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