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UHC-517 series magnetic float level gauge

UHC-517 series float level gauge is suitable for liquid measurement in open or pressure vessels.

UHC-517 Series magnetical float level meters are suitable for measuring the liquid in open vessel or pressure vessel. With the features of tight sealing and leak proof, the meters can measure safely and reliablly the liquid level in the severe conditions, such as: high temperature, high pressure, high viscosity, strong corrosion. The meters are featured also without blind zone, distinct indication, easy reading and wide measuring range. With liquid level switch as optional part, the meter can realize liquid level upper and lower limit alarm and control. With liquid level transmission sensor as optional part, the meter can convert the liquid level signal into two-wire system (4-20)mA standard signal, realizes long distance detection, indication, recording and
controling.This series meters are widely used in the liquid level measurement and control of electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, environment protection, ship building, civil construction, food and other industries.

Level meter structure bases on the principle of bypass, the liquid lever in the main pipe is as same as that in the vessel device.According to Archimedes Theorem,the buoyancy force of magnetic float in the liquid is equal to the floater weight ,floater floats on the surface of liquid,the floater in the main pipe of level meterwill move up and down with the movement of level in the vessel measured.The permanent steel magnet in the floater will turn 180¡ã through the red-white turn post in the magnetic coupling drive indicator. When liquid lever rises, the turn post turns white side to red one,when the lever lowers,turn post turns red side to white one.The red and white interface of indicator is the actual height of media level in the vessel. Thus the level indication is realized.
Main technical parameters Technical requirement
Measuring range(30015000)mm 1.The heating jacket level meter is proper for
the media with large viscosity or easy crystallization
in low temperature. .
Measuring accuracy:±10mm
Media density:0.45g/cm³ 2When the side mounted level meter length
in the order is 4000mm, the support flange
shall be added in the center.
Working pressure:
Working temperature:-90℃~480 3The connection flange of bottom mounted
or top mounted level meter shall be80mm.
Connection flange:HG20592-20635-97
The user shall give clear indication of other standards. Note: The special requirement can be indicated separately when placing an order.

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