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CF3351 Digital • Smart Pressure / Differential Pressure Transmitter

The core component uses a 16-bit single-chip microcomputer. Its powerful functions and high-speed computing capabilities ensure the excellent quality of the transmitter.

CF series digital intelligent pressure differential pressure transmitter is a multifunctional digital intelligent instrument developed by our company based on many years of industry manufacturing experience. Based on the world's advanced mature and reliable capacitive sensor technology, it combines advanced single chip Computer technology and sensor digital conversion technology are carefully designed.
The core component uses a 16-bit single-chip microcomputer. Its powerful functions and high-speed computing capabilities ensure the excellent quality of the transmitter. The entire design framework focuses on reliability, stability, high precision and intelligence to meet the increasing requirements of industrial sites. To this end, digital signal processing technology is applied to the software, which has excellent anti-interference ability and zero point stability, and has zero point automatic stability tracking capability (ZSC) and automatic temperature compensation capability (TSC).
Powerful interface functions ensure good interactivity without hands. The digital LCD display head can display three physical quantities of pressure, temperature, and current, and 0100%  instructions.The key operation can conveniently complete the basic parameters such as zero shift, range setting, and damping setting without a standard pressure source. Settings, and the transmitter can be recalibrated, which greatly facilitates field debugging
The S-POR serial communication port communicates directly with the computer through a special transfer module. The host computer interface can complete more functions than key operations. Connect to a dedicated R485 module to achieve remote transmission of digital signals, or to build an S485 industrial LAN
Integrated design for signal conversion, signal acquisition and processing and current output control makes the structure more compact and reliable

◆ F3351 Digitization • Intelligent pressure differential pressure / absolute pressure transmitter
◇ Excellent performance: accuracy 0075% -0.1%
◇ Range: 100: 1
◇ Measuring range: 60Pa-40pa
◇ Isolation diaphragm: 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy Monel, tantalum and heavy metal sheet
◇ Compact design, sturdy and lightweight, easy to install, 2.7kg, 192mm

◆ CF3351 Digital • Intelligent Flange Level Transmitter
◇ Liquid level measurement accuracy 0075% -0.1%
◇ Measuring range: 500mmH2O-2000mmH2O
◇ Flat film insert type and flange specifications are optional
◇ Optional filling liquid to meet different occasions test
◇ Wetted material: 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy, Monel, and heavy metal sheet optional
◆ C3351 Digitization • Intelligent remote transmission flange pressure / differential pressure transmitter
◇ Measuring range: 6kPa-10MPa
◇ Integrated corrugated seat design to reduce temperature influence and improve overpressure resistance
◇ Various remote transmission flanges, multiple process connection methods
◇ Differential pressure, pressure, level measurement


◆ Super measurement performance for pressure, differential pressure, liquid level and flow measurement
◆ Direct frequency signal output of sensor
Digital accuracy: 0.05%
◆ Simulation accuracy: 0.075% ~ 0.1% FS
◆ Full performance: ± 0.25% FS
◆ Stability: 0.25% FS for 60 months
◆ Range: 100: 1
Measurement rate: 0.2s
Miniaturized (2.7kg) all stainless steel flange, easy to install
The process connection is compatible with other products to achieve the best measurement
◆ H-alloy sheathed sensor achieves excellent cold and heat stability
◆ Smart transmitter with 16-bit computer
◆ Standard (4 ~ 20) mA, comes with a communication keyboard and RS-485 communication interface, no hand-held device required
◆ Supports field bus and field control-based technology upgrades

CF3351 Y pressure
  C Pressure gauge
    C C capacitive
      0 Negative pressure
      1 gauge pressure (differential pressure static pressure for ranges 1 and 2 is 0.4MPa)
      2 Absolute pressure (range must be 100kPpa) Range range (30-98) Pa Pa accuracy is 0.5%
      3 Differential pressure 25MPa
      4 Differential pressure 4MPa
      5 Differential pressure 6.4MPa
      6 Differential pressure 16MPa
      7 Differential pressure 25MP
      8 Differential pressure 32MP
      9 Differential pressure 40MPa
        1 0-0.06~0.3kPa
        2 0-0.25~1.5kPa
        3 0-1.2~10kPa
        4 0-6~40kPa
        5 0-30~180k
        6 0-160~1000kpa
        7 0-400~2500kPa
        8 0-1600~8000ka
        9 0-4000~25000kPa
        0 0-7000~4000kPa
          0 Standard type
          1 Single flat flange type
          2 Double flat flange type (range must be 6kPa)
          3 Single insert flange type
          4 Double plug flange type (range must be 6kPa)
          5 One flat one plug flange type (range must be 6kPa)
            1 With HART communication
            2 Fully digital sensor with built-in communication keyboard without HART
       CF3351                    口            C-            口             口        口          口 
Note: It is recommended that the user use the above range, and perform 100: 1 accuracy in the limit state after using the compressed range.
Calculate according to the following formula: 0.05 + 005 ((rated range)) / (set range-zero shift)% FS
model 1202 1302 1402 1502 1602 1702 1802 1902 1002
Size (mm) 54 55.6 57.2 58.4 59.2

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