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CF2001 Digital • Intelligent Direct-connected Pressure Transmitter

CF2001 series absolute pressure / pressure transmitter uses high precision, high stability diffused silicon isolated sensor components.

CF2001 series absolute pressure / pressure transmitters use high-precision, high-stability diffused silicon isolated sensor components.The high-reliability amplifier circuit and precise temperature compensation convert the absolute or gauge pressure of the measured medium into (4 ~ 20) mADC standard electrical signal. Exquisite packaging technology and perfect assembly technology ensure the excellent quality and best performance of the product. This product has the characteristics of complete varieties and specifications, standardized interface forms, and easy adjustment of zero and span, etc., which can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.
CF2001 series absolute pressure transmitter products are divided into three types: ordinary type, intrinsically safe explosion-proof type and explosion-proof type. The intrinsically safe explosion-proof type and explosion-proof type products can be widely used in various harsh and dangerous places in industrial sites.

Measurement medium: various liquids, gases or vapors compatible with 316L stainless steel
Range: (0 ~ 5) KPa to (0 ~ 32) MPa (see selection table)
Overload pressure: 2 times the maximum range or 70MPa (minimum)
Output signal: (4 ~ 20) mADC (two-wire system)
Working voltage: (14 ~ 36VDC (two-wire system) standard 24VDC ± 5%, ripple is less than 1%
Medium temperature: -25 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃
Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃
Relative humidity: 0% ~ 100%
Load resistance: (4 ~ 20) mA: R = (U-14) /0.02-Ro
Where: U is the power supply voltage
Ro is the internal resistance of the cable
(0 ~ 10) mA: R≤1kΩ
(0 ~ 5) V: R≥300Ω

◆  measurement range above 5KPa
◆ Maximum measurement range: 0 ~ 32MPa
◆ No bracket required for direct process connection
◆ Zero and continuous external adjustment
◆ Anti-lightning and anti-radio frequency interference
◆ With on-site instructions
◆ Intrinsically safe explosion-proof or flameproof
◆ Small size, beautiful appearance, high cost performance
◆ High precision, high stability and high reliability
◆ Optional HART communication protocol application

◆ Industry site liquid level measurement and control
◆ Laboratory pressure calibration system
◆ Navigation and Shipbuilding
◆ Aviation and aircraft manufacturing
◆ Air separation equipment and thermal power unit
◆ Energy Management System
◆ Liquid level measurement and water supply system
◆ Hydraulic and pneumatic control system

CF2001 Absolute / pressure transmitter
  Code Pressure type
A Absolute pressure
G Gauge pressure
  Code Measuring range
Minimum measuring range Measuring range Accuracy
01 5kPaor more 0-20kPa 0.25%
02 0-10kPa 0-35kPa 0.1%
03 0-30kpa 0-100kpa 0.1%
04 0-100kpa 0-200kpa 0.1%
05 0-200kPa 0-700kpa 0.1%
06 0~700kpa 0-1.7Mpa 0.1%
07 0-1.7Mpa 0-3.5Mpa 0.1%
08 0-3.5Mpa 0-07 Mpa 0.1%
09 0-7.0Mpa 0-32 Mpa 0.1%
  Code output signal
M1 (4-20)mADC
  Code Process interface
P1 M20 × 1.5 male thread
P2 NPT1 / 2 "male thread
P3 G1 male thread
PX User-defined
  Code Additional features
i Intrinsically safe ExiaIICT5
d Flameproof Exd ii CT55
H HART communication protocol
  (User calibration range)
CF2001         G             03         M1             P1           M3dH       (0~70ka)

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