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UHC-517TC float level gauge

This series has simple type and magnetic flap type

UHC-517TC buoy level gauge is suitable for liquid level measurement of large storage tanks in petrochemical systems, especially for liquid level detection of high-viscosity media such as crude oil, heavy oil, tar, and resin. The whole process display is conspicuous, the indication is ive, and the large measuring range can be equipped with a liquid level switch to realize the upper and lower limits of the liquid level alarm and control. It can also be equipped with a liquid level transmitter to convert the liquid level into a 420mA two-wire standard signal. This series has simple type and magnetic flap type
With magnetic flap type Simple type Installation diagram
Measuring range: 50020000mm (more than 6m or transportation conditions do not allow segmented manufacturing)
Working pressure: 0~1.6 MPa
Operating temperature: -20~200℃
Medium density: 700~2000kg/m3
Process connection: Top flange according to customer requirements Side flange DN25PN1.6MPa
Material of main
Float material: 304/316L
  A With magnetic flap type form
B Simple type
  T Carbon steel (only for simple type) The main material
P 304
R 316L
  E EK-1 level switch Level Switch
C CK-1 level switch
B BK-1 level switch
  Switching points (displayed by numbers) Switching points
  D 4-20mA DC signal output Teletransmission device
  Exia Intrinsic safety Explosion-proof form
Exd Flameproof
  Operating temperature Operating temperature
  Working pressure Working pressure
  Medium density Medium density
  Installation height Installation height
  Installation distance Installation distance
  Measuring range Measuring range
  DN Top connection flange
 UHC-517TC          口    口   口   口    口     口    口     口   口    口    口    口     口

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