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HG5 Ordinary glass tube level meter

The meter is suitable for directly indicating the height of the medium level in the tank, tower, tank, tank and other containers

HG5 ordinary glass tube level meter is mainly suitable for indicating directly the level height of media in various vessels,such as jar、tower、trough、tank etc.It's featured with simple structure and convenient service. There are safety steel balls installed in the upper and lower valve of the instrument,when the glass breaks accidently, the steel balls under the pressure in the vessel will automatically seal to stop the liquid flowing out.
Measuring range: 300~3000mm
Working pressure: -0.1~1.6MPa
Working temperature: -20~180℃
Steam jacket pressure: 1.0MPa
Steam jacket joint: G1/2" external thread
Indicating range: Flange center distance L-200mm
Process connection: HG20592~20635-97 DN20~DN50
The material touching the  liquid: Carbon steel,stainless steel High borosilicate glass tube Quartz glass tube
Steel balls sealing  automaticcally pressure: ≥0.2MPa
Sewage valve: Ball valve、needle valve
HG5- Ordinary glass tube level meter  
  1 Carbon steel Main body material
11 Stainless steel:304,1Cr18Ni9Ti
111 Stainless steel:316,316L
  - 06 Flange nominal pressure 0.6MPa preset pressure
  10 Flange nominal pressure 1.0MPa
16 Flange nominal pressure 1.6MPa
  Flange specifications  
  RF Raised flange Flange sealing surface
M Convex flange
FM Concave flange
  -口 Measuring range in mm Measuring range
  W Steam heating Heat tracing options

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