Gas Turbine flow meter


    Gas filter is the special product supporting the use of gas turbine flow meter produced by my

company, it also conforms to the requirements of the flow meter. According to the statistics,

installing gas filter can effectively avoid the damage of flow meter caused by the impact of

impurities. It can reduce more than 90% failure rate of the instrument, and it is one of the necessary

equipment of gas metering scene.

    Gas filter can also be applied to all kinds of pressure regulating devices, it is an important

device to filter dust and impurities in the gas such as dirt and make sure normal operation of all

kinds of gas equipment.


Working Principle

When the gas flows into the meter, it first moves through the front diffuser and accelerates.

Since the turbine blade is different from the direction of flow; it thus creates rotating moment and

starts to spin after overcoming the resisting moment and friction moment. When all these moments

come to balance, the rotate speed of the turbine becomes stable and there appears a linear

relationship between the flow and the turbine.

     Meanwhile, the magnet on the rotary transmitting plate changes the magnetic resistance of the

sensor regularly and both ends of the sensor thus senses the pulse signal which is in direct

proportion to the volume flow rate of the gas. After being amplified and reshaped by the praevia

amplifier, the above signal, together with the signals of pressure and temperature detected by

corresponding sensors, is sent to the flow totalizer for processing. Eventually, the normal and

volume flow would appear on the screen.

Technical Parameters

Measurement of gas flow in closed conduits--Turbine meters


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