metal tube rotameter



The metal tube ratometer flowmeter is a kind of variable area flow quantity

measuring instrument. It has such features as small volume, large detection range and

convenient operation. It is especially suitable to measure flow quantity of media with

small flow velocity and small flow quantity.

Intelligentized metal tube rotameters have field indication type and intelligentized

remote transmission type. So it provides the customers with very wide selection

spaces. In addition, advanced 16 bits micro processor and high quality industrialized

components are adopted in the instrument, which ensures excellent performances of

the flowmeter in various kinds of application situations.


working principle

The structure of a rotameter is that a rotor 2( or called as floater )made from metal or other materials which can rotate freely is

installed in a vertical cone-shaped metal tube 1 whose sectional area is increased gradually from down to up. The fluid to be

measured enters from the bottom of the metal tube and effluent from the top.

When the fluid flows upwards through the vertical cone-shaped tube, the rotor is affected by two forces: one is the driving force

vertically upwards, it is equal to pressure difference generated by that the fluid flows upward through the annular section between

the rotor and the cone-shaped tube; the other is vertically downwards net gravity, it is equal to the difference between the gravity

encountered by the rotor and the float force of the fluid on the rotor. When the flow quantity is increased to make that the pressure

difference is larger than the net gravity of the rotor, the rotor will rise. When the pressure difference is equal to the net gravity, the

rotor will stay in a certain position. There are scales on the external surface of the metal tube and the flow quantity of measured fluid

can be read according to the staying position of the rotor.

The rotameter is a variable area and constant pressure difference flowmeter. The pressure difference acting on upstream and

downstream of the rotor is a constant value while the annular section area between the rotor and the cone-shaped tube changes

with flow quantity. The position of the rotor in the cone-shaped tube reflects the value of flow quantity.


Technical performance

Main technical parameters of LZ series intelligent metal tube rotameter flowmeter

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