glass tube rota meter


LZB series rotameter are featured with light and handy structure,sensitivity adjustment,easy installation.

LZB-WB series variable area flowmeter is equipped with a needle valve in the base to facilitate precise setting of gas and liquid flow rates,LZB-()W series flow meters without needle valve.On request, these valves can also be fitted in the top connection block

The mounts are made of stainless steel, brass or PVC and feature a specially designed fitting to take the glass cone

This device permits easy cone replacement without removal of the mount


Special features:

Ability to handle liquids, gases

Measuring ranges:

Water (20°C): 0.4mL/minute to 1.6L/minute

Air (101325Pa, 20°C): 6mL/minute to 45L/minute

Compact structure, easy installation, sensitive adjustment 

Technical Parameters of LZB-Series Glass Rotameter Flow meter    

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