Throttling device and differential pressure flow meter


JGLG Series orifice flowmeter is to measure the differential pressure flow generating device, with a variety of differential pressure gauge or differential pressure transmitter can measure the flow of various fluids in the pipeline. Throttling device orifice flowmeter, including ring chamber orifice, nozzle and so on. Throttling device orifice flowmeter and differential pressure transmitter supporting the use of measurable liquid, steam, gas flow, orifice flow meters are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, light industry and other sectors

The fluid filled pipe, when they flow through the pipeline throttling device, the beam will be at the cutting device cutting pieces of partial contraction, so that the velocity increases, static pressure is low, so in cutting pieces will be produced before Pressure drop, the pressure difference, the greater the flow of media flow, resulting in cutting pieces before and after the greater pressure, so by measuring the differential pressure orifice flow meter to measure the size of fluid flow. This measurement method is based on law of conservation of energy and flow-based law of continuity

Intelligent throttling device (orifice meter) is the set of flow, temperature, pressure detection in one, and can be temperature and pressure compensation for a new generation of automatic meter, the orifice flowmeter uses advanced computer technology and micro-power New technologies, powerful, compact, simple, easy to use

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