Intelligent Vortex Flow Transmitters for meter factor correction methods
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Thermal recovery method is the most effective method for recovering heavy oil. The output of heavy oil by injecting dryness and two-phase flow mass flow impact soda. This article describes the use of a two-phase single-hole plate dryness can of soda and two-parameter mass flow measuring instruments at the same time, the measurement method is based on two-phase flow orifice differential soda noise studies to obtain measurements of soft drinks dryness of the theoretical model two-phase flow and quality as the basis, a full set of instruments used successfully in thermal recovery process Liaohe Oilfield.

Keywords: orifice noise, flow, mass flow, dryness

Thermal recovery method is the most effective method for recovering heavy oil, heavy oil thermal recovery process, the injection of steam mass flow of oil and dryness, to a large extent influence the output of heavy oil, which makes steam parameters of injection wells measurement is very important, which is a two-phase flow measurement problem soda.

In the industrial process and scientific research, has been a two-phase detection focus detection science. Murdock has established separate orifice flow model, James has established an improved plate homogeneous flow model. These two models with two-phase density ratio revised to further improve the accuracy of the model, and to expand the scope of application.

Two-phase flow is a random process, two-phase fluid phase distribution in space and time are random. Whereby random noise generated in the measurement process, such as the orifice differential pressure pulsation, two-phase flow is detected in the practice of people well known physical phenomenon. However, according to the traditional measurement theory, this is just noise interference signal detection system. According to the modern view of detection theory, an information system output noise is the process. Through the mechanism of noise analysis, statistical noise filter model, you can get the variables associated with the detection of quantitative information in order to establish a theoretical model and practical two-phase flow noise detection.

1, orifice differential pressure two-phase noise measurement theoretical model of soft drinks

Assumptions: vapor-liquid two-phase flow through the orifice; no interphase momentum exchange; no phase change process; adiabatic conditions.

Whereby idealized plates separated flow model:

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