volumetric flowmeter selection
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Depending on the measured medium and measuring range, select the appropriate meter. For high-viscosity oils, may be considered scraper type volumetric flowmeter. For the measurement of low viscosity oils and water, may be considered oval gear, wheel and other waist volumetric flowmeter, the accuracy of less demanding situations, may also pull rotary piston or scraping volumetric flowmeter.

For the measurement of gas flow, generally adopt the drum or rotary piston positive displacement flowmeter. In gas measurement, the more commonly used film type volumetric flowmeter. In some high measurement accuracy requirements, the gear-type gas volume flow meter also be used.

Limit the amount of displacement flow meter is determined, usually such a therapy: lower limit flow qmin, is determined based on the error characteristics of the flowmeter. That error is the minimum flow rate must be within the allowable error range; upper limit flow qmax, considering the wear of moving parts of the meter is determined. The amount of traffic, it will lead to accelerated wear of moving parts the meter and cause leakage increases, the error increases. - As options for qmax≈5-10qmin.

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