The impact of work stress on Coriolis mass flowmeter
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Abstract: Coriolis mass flowmeter has a direct measure due to the advantages of mass flow in China from the early 1990s into the industrial measurement field since more and more widely. Early mass flowmeter manufacturers claim that their products are not affected by the density, temperature, pressure, viscosity and other changes in measured media, with a large number of applications in recent years, found that the physical parameters of the measuring medium changes its measurement accuracy is influential. This paper discusses the impact of changes in measured media pressure on flow measurement accuracy.

Keywords: Coriolis mass flowmeter, measurement accuracy, measurement of media, working pressure, error

First, the Coriolis mass flowmeter works

Coriolis mass flowmeter is the use of fluid mass flow rate of the modulation effect vibrating tube oscillation phenomenon is the principle that the Coriolis force to mass flow measurement of mass flow purposes. Generally by the sensor and transmitter components.


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