On the future development direction of gas flow meter
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In the field of materials metering, detection and control of fluid flow are all walks of life to strengthen materials management, energy management, the transfer of goods and materials, financial settlement, economic accounting, benefit analysis and evaluation of important decisions based on up; also enterprise monitoring the production process, protect it with high quality, efficient, safe, smooth operation and an important means of improving the environment. Sense: the measurement is the eyes, measurement is money, measurement is effective. Modern enterprises increasingly demanding flow measurement, mainly reflecting meet the accuracy, reliability, timeliness and degree level of automation and so on.

A brief several commonly used methods of measurement

In order to meet the needs of a variety of measurements, for centuries the people to create, depending on the measurement principle, research and development of dozens of different types of flow meters, divided into displacement, velocity type, differential pressure type, area type, quality type and so on. Various types of flow metering principle, both unique in structure and there are various limitations. To achieve better measurement results, the need for different measurement areas, different measurement medium, different working range, choose different types, different types of flowmeters. Several commonly used in industrial measurement of gas flow meters are:

(1) differential pressure flowmeter

Differential pressure flowmeter is the Bernoulli equation and fluid continuity equation as the basis, in accordance with the principles of the throttle when the fluid flows through the orifice (such as standard plate, the standard nozzle, nozzle diameter, classical Venturi nozzle, Venturi Lee nozzles, etc.), resulting in pressure on its front and rear, the differential pressure is proportional to the square of the flow. In the differential pressure flowmeter, because the standard orifice flowmeter differential throttling device structure is simple, low cost, best studied, have been standardized and the most widely used.

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