The computer management system outside the transmission of natural gas
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In the field of foreign sales of gas stations, the traditional method of measurement is to measure through a standard orifice plate throttling device and dual bellows differential pressure gauge. Measurement accuracy, low degree of automation, the amount of natural gas greatly affected by human factors, report content easily distorted, not decision makers fast, accurate understanding of production.

In order to resolve these conflicts, the development of natural gas metering computer management system, the full realization of computer measurement management in the station. The system uses SY / T6143-1996 measurement standards in the selection of hardware and software platforms have made a selection of long-term consideration, with advanced technology, system scalability, performance and stability advantages. Not only can improve the automation of natural gas measurement, and change the past shortcomings of low measurement accuracy, wide application prospect and popularization value.

1 system components

System block diagram shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 online calibration and lecturers system diagram

1.1 hardware selection

In order to ensure the system of long-term, stable operation, the host should be chosen stable performance industrial controller. Meanwhile, due to the development and the actual needs of the network, each unit will require policy makers can understand firsthand, so the scene is set in a modem for receiving and answering the request, so the collected signal and statistics out timely feedback information to decision makers.

The main hardware by HUB, plates, flow computers, multivariable transmitter, pressure transmitter, heat resistance, IPC, UPS, modem and other components.

1.2 Software Selection

To make the system provides the user with a beautiful, easy to operate the most comprehensive selection of multi-window opening Windows operating system, use of the confiscated wealth of system resources, making the system more vitality and scalability. The system selected US WonderWare developed Intouch control configuration software, which has a rich resource driver, runs under Windows system, suitable for different hardware resources, using descriptive language programming, easy to understand and modify, operate most comprehensive and system development using modular stacking, short development cycle. Meanwhile, the software supports NetBIOS and TCP / IP protocol, which will help to achieve remote communication.

1.3 software

① Window98 use of network services under the computer scene as a dial-up network server, use the Intouch NetDDE function, through TCP / IP protocol, the requesting party to communicate via modem and on-site host, and thus achieve the purpose of remote communication, and can be Remote debugging.

Achieve ② card to communicate with the acquisition

Metering system is via DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) driver to exchange data with ROC407, communication chromatography with VB or VC language can be a sign DDE protocol procedures.

③ measurement algorithms achieve

Measurement standards adopted People's Republic of China oil and gas industry standard SY / T 6143-1996 "standard orifice metering gas flow" approach uses descriptive language, and to download some of the procedures and the necessary data to the ROC407.

④ generation software interface

The software interface generation method using building blocks (configuration) type to generate a lively, easy to operate user interface.

1.4 works

American Meter measurement system chosen Fisher-Rosemount's ROC407 manager and multivariable transmitter external gas transmission metering. Gas pressure signal, the differential pressure signal of the temperature signal and the gas thermal resistance through orifice formed by the multivariable transmitter to the ROC407 Manager calculates the instantaneous flow from Traffic Manager product, cumulative flow, flow this month, last month results of traffic flow, etc., by the controller of the data transmitted to the computer, save traffic reports and records of historical data curve by a computer. Collection of various signals can be transmitted to a computer or other computer company dispatcher through telephone lines, and through the company LAN for data sharing.

1.5 System Function

① real-time acquisition, display instantaneous flow of natural gas, temperature, pressure, differential pressure parameter, and calculating. Save the date of the traffic, yesterday various outcomes traffic flow this month, last month, traffic, etc., and you can view real-time trends and historical trends print temperature, pressure, differential pressure;

② system is fully functional, the measurement accuracy than the original double bellows high above 0.5%, system scalability strong, advanced technology;

③ can be pressure, temperature compensation in real time;

④ dynamic screen display, window operation, parameter setting and convenient, and print a variety of production reports;

⑤ implementation of user rights management, different users have different operating authority, the system is safe and reliable;

⑥ system with real-time alarm function, and has a hardware self-test function;

⑦ with standard communication interface, support for NetBIOS and TCP / IP and other network protocols, real-time view into the field of data communication over the telephone network remotely.

1.6 System Features

① descriptive building blocks of software programming;

② event type software programming;

③DDE dynamic data exchange;

④ remote data access.

2 Conclusion

After the natural gas transmission and distribution of gas stations using a computer outside the metering system not only improves the accuracy of measurement, greatly reducing the labor intensity, and reliable operation of the system so that the company's reputation has also been improved. Real-time acquisition lecturer parameter allows the operator to detect measurement failures, to avoid unnecessary losses, but also for the instantaneous gas scheduling based on real gas, the scheduler can make gas more quickly and accurately to meet the needs of users.

History functionality provided by the system at the time of the transfer so that both lecturers have a common basis for discussion, but also can be based on historical records to check whether the operators of sewage and other operations on time, can increase the sense of responsibility of the operator.

Assumed a gas distribution station in the outer gas transmission capacity at 800 million m 3 or more, according to the calculation accuracy is improved by 0.5%, to reduce annual measurement error 4,000,000 N · m 3. Thus you can see, it has a very considerable economic and social benefits.

By draft Date: 2002-01-21.

First author Zhang Xin, female, born in 1975, 1996, graduated from Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology; has been engaged in instrumentation and automatic control of the design work.

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