Techinal info

Flowmeter Introduction 

1. Throttle flowmeter 

1. Fluid vibratory flowmeter 

2. The working principle and characteristics of the mass flowmeter 

2. The ultrasonic flowmeter types of presentation 

3. The turbine flowmeter features and installation 

3. The basic principle of the hotline tachometer

4. The basic structure of vortex flowmeter 

4. The volumetric flow meter works 

5. The average rate of flow Situation and Development 

5. Electromagnetic Flowmeter 

6. The basic principle of electromagnetic flowmeters 

6. Introduction oval gear flow meter 

7. Coriolis mass flowmeter Situation and Future 

7. Structure of volumetric flowmeter 

8. The working principle and structure of the turbine flowmeter 

8. flowmeter type 

9. IC card intelligent water meter 

9. Car gas sonic nozzle flow verification system 

10. Intelligent Vortex Flow Measurement System 

10. hotline tachometer sensor basic structure 

11. The mass flowmeter 

11. National appliance verification procedures metering (flow part) 

12. The ultrasonic Doppler flow meter measuring principle Principle 

12. Vortex Flowmeter 

13. A heat meter heat measurement and calculation principles 

13. The Coriolis mass flowmeter study the dynamic characteristics 

14. kinds of new type of flowmeter - Gas Mass Flow Meter Within 

14.V cone type flow (VNZ meter) 


Thermal Useful Information 

1. The concept of fluid pressure 

1. Introduction Mach knowledge 

2. Reynolds knowledge introduction 

2. Flow unit conversion table 

3. The significance of flow measurement 

3. Temperature physical parameters commonly used materials 

4. PT100 platinum resistance temperature resistance correspondence table 

4. The engineering unit conversion table 

5. bilingual meter nouns 

5. The significance of the gas flow measurement unit standard cubic meters 

6. The specific heat capacity 

6. gas adiabatic index 

7. The liquid density 

7. A liquefied gas density 

8. The coefficient of thermal expansion 

8. Common density table 

9. Reynolds 

9. The gas density 

10. The common liquid density 

10. viscosity and kinematic viscosity 

11. commonly used in fluid flow measurement parameters 

11. The definition of saturated steam


Flowmeters use and maintenance 

1. Installation Notes volumetric flowmeter 

1. Electromagnetic Flowmeter Selection and Installation Primary applications 

2. Smart Pressure Transmitter 

2. The temperature of the fluid flow measurement

3. The flow measurement of a cryogenic fluid 

3. Use and maintenance 3. Vortex Flowmeter 

4. The velocity distribution on ultrasonic flowmeter performance 

4. Reducing rectifiers used in flow measurement 

5. vortex frequency detection 

5. Characteristics of Vortex Flowmeter 

6. The computer management system outside the transmission of natural gas 

6. The target type flowmeter can measure high viscosity media 

7. A new study of low-yield wells metering device technology 

7. On the future development direction of gas flow meter 

8. The impact of work stress on Coriolis mass flowmeter 

8. superiority target type flowmeter 

9. Intelligent Vortex Flow Transmitters for meter factor correction methods 

9. Power Plant Coal Handling System PLC waterway renovation 

10. The two-phase flow Shuangshen soda measuring instruments used in oilfield 

10. The flow meter several development trends and application progress (excerpt) 

11. PTB flow device introduction 

11. The establishment and development of China's natural gas industry natural gas flow 11. traceability system


Flowmeter Selection Matters 

1. volumetric flowmeter selection 

1. flowmeter selection principle 

2. How to use glass rotameter 

2. The various types of flowmeters feature comparison table 

3. City Gas Flowmeter Selection 

3. The assessment of industrial research performance of ultrasonic flowmeter 

4. The error characteristics of volumetric flowmeter 

4. Research central heating and central air-conditioning system with calorimeter 

5. The impact of the flow field, the magnetic field and the electrical conductivity of the measured medium Actual flow calibration and field applications 

5. Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter 

6. Introduction to the new development of flow measurement (Part One) 

6. intelligent understanding Swirlmeter


National standard verification procedures 

1. Lo Wing-meter verification procedures 

1. The turbine flow transmitter verification procedures 

2. glass rotor flowmeter verification procedures 

2. Trial meter verification procedures and test equipment 

3. oval gear flow meter verification procedures 

3. Dynamic Quality Act water flow standard device verification procedures 

4. Dynamic Volumetric water flow standard device verification procedures 

4. Water flow standard device verification procedures Trial 

5. sonic nozzle gas flow standard device analysis 

5. Bell Trial gas flow standard device verification procedures 

6. Roots flowmeter verification procedures 

6. The standard volume tube verification procedures (volumetric method) 

7. throttling device flow measurement verification procedures (Trial) (1) 

7. throttling device flow measurement verification procedures (Trial) (2) 

8. flow measurement verification procedures throttling device (Trial) (3) 

8. flow measurement verification procedures throttling device (Trial) (4) 

9. flow measurement verification procedures throttling device (Trial) (5) 

9. flow measurement verification procedures throttling device (Trial) (6) 

10. The flow measurement verification procedures throttling device (Trial) (7) 

10. The flow measurement verification procedures throttling device (Trial) (8)


Flow meter application skills 

1. The significance of flow measurement Significance 

1. flow measurement instruments applied research 

2. The characteristics of the industry and its effect on the flow measurement instrumentation requirements 

2. The trade settlement flow measurement instrumentation requirements [5] 

3. Measure the steam flow 

3. Vortex flowmeters measure the mass flow rate of steam 

4. Vortex compared with throttle pressure meter performance 

4. Measurement of gas flow 

5. Measurement of gas flow 

5. Indirect measurement of the mass flow of gas composition changes 

6. Oil flow measurement 

6. Measure the oil flow (Continued from Page 1) 

7. tiny flow measurement 

7. Measure the tiny flow (Continued from Page 1) 

8. Large-diameter pipe liquid flow measurement 

8. Large-diameter pipe liquid flow measurement (Continued from Page 1) 

9. flow measurement of corrosive media 

9. A multiphase fluid flow measurement 

10. The two-phase flow and flow measurement (Continued from Page 1) 

10. The non-uniform mixing of the two-component liquid and the flow rate measurement 

11. Examples of design calculations 

11. Examples of design calculations (Continued from Page 1) 

12. Gas flow calculation examples (hole diameter orifice design calculations) 

12. metering steam heat 

13. The instrument selection 

13. The water mass flow rate calculation Instrument Selection 

14. Water Cooling metered amount 

14. cold and heat metering dual-use meter 

15. The composition of bulk traffic control system 

15. The easiest flow batch control system 

16. The liquid thermal expansion and contraction caused by the error can be compensated 

16. compensate for changes in fluid composition 

17. pulsating flow impact on the flow measurement 

17. pulsating stream flow measurement 

18. pulsating stream flow measurement (Continued) 

18. pulsating stream flow measurement (Continued from Page 3) 

19. Several examples of pulsatile flow flow measurement (Continued from Page 1) 

19. The meter shows the value of field-proven accuracy 

20. The flow measurement system on-site verification (Continued from Page 1) 

20. site verification flow measurement system (Continued) 

21. The flow measurement accuracy of the system is shown on-site verification (Continued from Page 1) 

21. The flow measurement accuracy of the system is shown on-site verification (Continued) 

22. Intelligent Flow Totalizer 

22. Intelligent Flow Totalizer (Continued from Page 1) 

23. The main function 

23. The main function (continued) 

24. The main function (Continued from Page 3) 

24. Overview of domestic and flow routing device 

25. Trade Settlement type flow routing device 

25. cold (heat) table 

26. The flow routing the inspection and verification 

26. The on-site inspection and verification 

27. The flow meter calibration records show examples (Continued from Page 1) 

27. The flow meter calibration records show examples (Continued) 

28. The relationship between Reynolds and measurement error and compensation methods 

28. Reynolds impact on the Vortex Flowmeter The impact factor of 

29. The gas compression flow measurement 

29. Changes Change orifice flowmeter range and Uncertainty 

30. The range of uncertainty after the change 

30. The hole diameter and the diameter of the orifice error correction 

31. The vortex flowmeter calibration data derived from a fluid design conditions (Continued from Page 1) 

31. Supporting instrument calibration and error correction feature Affect the display shows the value of 

32. The vortex flowmeter vortex conditions change and changes in body condition 

32. The vapor density strike errors introduced by improper handling 

33. The differential pressure flowmeter static error and its correction 

33. throttling device connecting pipe toward impact on instrument represents the value of 

34. The differential signal transmission distortions and errors introduced 

34. The impact on the water front orifice flow indication of 

35. The temperature measurement errors on the steam flow measurement 

35. The superheated steam mistaken for saturated steam compensate for the effects brought about by 

36. The flow routing communication with an external device 

36. The traffic calculus with an external device (Continued from Page 1)


Flow measurement throttling device design manual 

1. throttling device is designed to calculate the mission statement 

1. Regional Meteorological table 

2. Quality Unit Conversion Table 

2. The volume flow unit conversion table 

3. Density Units Conversion Table

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